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painfully poor quality flash

This submission heavily lacks in all fields, horrible plot/voice acting/humor, and animation/other graphics. In my opinion just about as absolutely dreadful as you can get. If I could offer ANY constructive criticism, seeing as you have the potential of an unwanted pregnancy at prom night, practice with real fluid animation and experiment with other effects/mediums. I give you a one for whatever effort pasting movie clips of tweens into a timeline is.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

dude do you not realize that this was just for the sake of being bored, I wasn't fucking trying. Im with everyone else when I say I didn't expect that award, but what happened happened, and you can't exactly rip on me because I made a flash cartoon that I never expected to win an award. you just suddenly jump to the conclusion that Im a douche because of a cartoon. seriously, it fucking sucks.

Just utterly fantastic..

Everything here is top-grade, the photos and other graphics go together so well with your style, the animation as always is well done along with the story, and everything else that gives this and everything else you've made it's priceless unique ambiance. Great shit.... waterpenis.

This is very nice!

Like all of the other collabs I enjoyed this a lot hot damn gj....

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Very basic, but a potential start

The controls, game play, and graphics are extremely simple, and as the levels progress unexpectedly tedious. If you worked in a little more fields this would be a much better game, but it does have a lot of potential. First off, even if you where trying to fit a theme for the game, maybe next time try to improve graphics or collaborate with someone else to make graphics and design backgrounds. Also, more audio would have been nice, a catchy loop or music is always good for the feel of a level. Another thing is even though the game was done somewhat well there are still a few rough spots to polish, as much as the slight jumping glitch was fun and somewhat useful, if it even was a glitch. Finally instead of selecting restart with left click make it the 'R' key, much more simple and quicker.

One last thing why the fuck do you have a Quality setting for a 200kb game with very very simple graphics, lmfao.

A bit unoriginal

Even though this is just Kitten Cannon with new graphics and upgradeable items, it's still okay but the idea is really worn out and overused long by now.

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those biceps are lookin


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I've taken a quick gander @ your work...

It's pretty nice, I like the thin lines with vibrant colors, and the textures that make patterns from the end of the pen. I love this original style a lot, gj uncle.

Maximus responds:

thank you (':

Like everything else..

this is simply amazing, I love the shit out of it the shape and coloring is always really well done, along with the shading, and best of all the amount of character.

mmmm nty

The goose is obviously traced, nothing special here @ all imo STILL heaps better than the other stuff with that gross artrage oil texture smear shit.

MrScriblam responds:

oh obviously



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